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Arun Ratchawararam Temple

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Client : Associated Public Authority: Thailand’s Provincial Electricity Authority, Department of Tourism - Thailand
Lighting Design & Solution: Lighting & Equipment Public Company Limited (L&E)
Photo Credit: Lighting & Equipment Public Company Limited (L&E)
This historical temple was built before 1656 CE. Recently, it was renovated and finished in 2017 and lighting system was also included in the renovation. High-pressure sodium lights were replaced by LED lights. Besides a reason of energy conservation, the selected LED light comes with theatrical DMX512 lighting control system which provides rapid response timer and brightness adjustment as in the theatre. LED light with 2200K color factor from a new technology that provides pearly iridescence gold light is applied to this project as the old LED technology cannot provide this kind of light. Moreover, this new lighting system also improves color correction index (CRI) from 20 to 70-80.  It allows us to see colors of those tiny ceramic tiles and fragments of multi colored porcelain decorated on the spires more accurately.
Lighting design concept of this project was inspired by the temple name. The full lighting simulates stunning view of the spires during sunrise. In addition to the sunrise effect, there are three more effects, including sunset effect, three-layer effect and main&satellite-spires effect. The three effects are designed to be a tourism highlight attractive show in future.
Lighting Solution
-Floodlight, IWASAKI#FL400-380W 2200K LED
-Floodlight, L&E#SLS3144-100W 3000K LED
-Wall mounted, Linealight#Ardilla66-4W 2700K LED
-Wall mounted, KLEWE#Nudus Mono-18W 3000K LED


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